At Cowdery’s of Cookham we do not sell any poulty that

Organic chicken

These birds are fed certified organic feed for their entire lives, starting no later than 2 days after they hatch. They are not fed any animal by-products, antibiotics, pesticides or fertilisers.

£7.29 per kg

Free range chicken

The birds are allowed outdoors to roam freely for at least a few hours per day, eating whatever they can forage naturally but are also fed proprietary-brand feeds such as layer mash.

£5.99 per kg

Packington free range chicken

These chickens are firstly reared in a warm and cosy environment. When they about 3 weeks old and considerably stronger they are allowed to wander about outside all day, feeding on a rich pasture of grass and clover. They must be brought in at night however to protect them from foxes and other marauding carnivores.

£6.20 per kg

Local farm free range chicken

These birds are generally many fewer in number compared to dedicated commercial chicken breeders and as such, their welfare and conditions are better. They are allowed to roam free around the farm, eating grasses and other nutrients that can be found.

£5.99 per kg

Chicken breasts

After removing the legs and thighs, the two breasts are removed. The breasts consist of white meat only. Chicken breasts are full of protein while being low in carbohydrates and fat. They are extremely versatile in the kitchen and can be roasted, fried, grilled and barbequed.

£2.85 each

Chicken legs

These consist of two bone joints: the thigh and the lower part or drumstick. The meat is brown, is very tender, and contains more flavour than the breasts.

£7.70 per kg

Chicken boneless legs

Two bones are removed: the thigh bone and the drumstick. Great used in a stew or casserole with root vegetables or alternatively, stuffed and roasted.

£8.69 per kg

Chicken thighs

Are the top end of the leg next to the main body of the bird. All brown meat and full of flavour.

£8.80 per kg

Chicken drumsticks

These are just the bottom joint of the leg. All brown meat. Ideal for deep frying in batter, breadcrumbs, with nothing at all or cooked on the barbecue.

£7.70 per kg

Chicken supreme

Is a breast joint with the wing bone left attached and neatly trimmed with all skin removed.

£3.00 per kg

Chicken legs with lemon and chilli

Made with our own marinade of …

£8.69 per kg

Chicken legs with lime, chilli and ginger

Made with our own marinade of …

£8.69 per kg

Gluten free Chicken burger 4oz

Chicken kebabs

Plain chicken kebab

£3.75 per kg

Chicken kebab with garlic & herbs

£3.75 per kg

Chicken kebab with honey & ginger

£3.75 per kg

Chicken kebab with lemon chilli

£3.75 per kg

Carolina chicken kofta kebab

£1.50 per kg

Chicken products

Chicken Nuggets

£9.50 per kg

Cajun chicken nuggets

£9.50 per kg

Breadcrumbed chicken burger

£1.45 each

Chicken Kiev

£3.00 each

Chicken Cordon bleu

£3.95 each

Chicken sausages

Chicken & apricot sausages

£9.24 per kg

Gluten free chicken & herb sausages

£9.24 per kg