Our lamb is sourced from

Leg of lamb (whole & half)

The hind legs of the animal are used and are best roasted. They are normally dressed with a combination of rosemary sprigs, garlic, lemon juice and even honey if not roasted on a high heat. English Spring lamb when in season is the sweetest but most expensive.

£12.99 per kg

Boneless rolled leg of lamb

The hind leg with the two bones removed can be cooked in a variety of ways with different fillings then tied into a long sausage. Generally slow-roasted on a low heat with a blast of high heat at the end to ensure nice pink lamb in the centre with a crisp and caramelised outer layer. Apart from the usual rosemary, garlic, lemon and honey combinations, it’s often cooked in the Moroccan style with dried apricots, cinnamon and cloves.

£15.50 per kg

Shoulder of lamb

From the front upper legs and normally sold on the bone. This cut is full of flavour but as the muscles worked hard on the live animal, it should be slow roasted to help break down the fibres.

£7.99 per kg

Moroccan stuffed breast of lamb

The breast comes from the lower front part of the lamb, above the fore shank (front legs) and is best slow-roasted. Our Moroccan stuffing is made with …

£10.56 per kg

Lamb mince

£11.00 per kg

Rack of lamb – best end

Cut from the rib cage generally into 2 'racks' of 6 bones each then trimmed to remove excess tissue. Normally roasted.

£18.70 per kg

Lamb shanks

Coming from the lower part of the leg, lamb shank is a tough cut which requires long cooking to achieve good results. Each shank comfortably feeds one person and they are best cooked whole but, once braised, the meat can be pulled from the bone to fill pies or pasties.

£10.56 per kg

Diced lamb

Can be cut from just about any part of the animal although it would be a waste of money to use the legs or loin. Ideal for stews and casseroles where low and slow cooking will be the key.

£13.86 per kg

Lamb neck fillet

The same cut as neck of lamb but with the bone removed. Apart from stews and casseroles, this cut of lamb makes an excellent curry.

£13.86 per kg

Neck of lamb

Obviously cut from just below the head and with the bone left in. This inexpensive cut makes wonderful stews, casseroles.

£6.60 per kg

Leg of lamb with sweet mint

£12.99 per kg

Boneless Shoulder of Lamb with sweet mint

£11.50 per kg

Rolled loin of Lamb with Sweet Mint

£21.96 per kg

Lamb Loin chops in Sweet Mint

£17.96 per kg

Lamb Leg Steak with Sweet Mint

£19.80 per kg

Lamb Kebab with Sweet Mint

£3.75 each

Lamb Kofta Kebab with Sweet Mint

£1.50 each/ 4 for £5.00

Lamb loin chops

Cut from the back of the lamb between the ribs and the sirloin, these chops are very tender and flavoursome. When cut from both sides of the animal ie. two chops joined together, they are most commonly known as Barnsley chops (or double loin chops).

£17.56 per kg

Lamb sausages

Lamb & sweet mint sausages

£12.00 per kg

Merguez lamb sausages

£11.00 per kg