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Fore rib of beef

This magnificent joint is generally known as the king of roasting beef and rightly so. This cut of beef comes from the top of the animal, just behind the chuck steak.

Sirloin wing rib

This part of the animal is taken from the bottom of the ribs, is generally smaller in bone length and can be roasted on the bone or de-boned, rolled and cooked as a sirloin joint.

Rolled sirloin joint for roasting

The rolled sirloin is the strip loin (basic boned sirloin) rolled and tied. Rolling the strip loin allows for the juices to remain in the joint and gives nice round slices when carving.


Topside is ideal for roasting as it is very tender and can be carved into lean slices. Alternatively topside makes a great pot-roast or can be braised on a bed of vegetables and stock.


This cut comes from the breast of the animal, just above the front legs. It’s probably best slow-roasted for maximum tenderness. Can also be used for salt beef. When placed in a salt marinade for several hours then simmered in a pan with water, peppercorns, celery, carrot and onion, it will develop a deep crimson colour.

Fillet steak

Or tenderloin comes from the back of the animal above the short loin and is the most tender and most expensive cut of steak, mainly because there is only about 500g on the average beef carcass and contains very little connective tissue. Although mild in flavour compared with other cuts, it certainly 'melts in the mouth'. In France this cut is normally known as filet mignon.

Sirloin steak

This cut is taken from the top of the animal behind the ribs. The top of the sirloin is the most tender as opposed to the lower part (which is above the flank).

Ribeye steak

This is cut from the rib section, generally with the bone removed. The marbling throughout the muscle ensures tenderness and a succulent flavour when cooked in a variety of ways.

Pave rump steak

Pave rump steak is the heart of the rump and is therefore very lean, tender and juicy. Simply pan fry each side and rest before eating. See recipe for cooking times.

Minced beef

Meat that has been passed through a mincing machine to provide small pieces. Most types of meat can be minced - beef, lamb or pork and it is cheap and tasty. It is usually made from cheaper cuts of meat from the front shoulders, cow’s belly and flank.
It can be used to make burgers, pie fillings, pasta sauces and meatballs.

Diced skirt of beef

Is a beef steak diced into fairly small pieces which will break down during cooking. Skirt steak comes from below the animal’s diaphragm and is an excellent cut for braising. It is popular for its flavour but not tenderness. When prepared correctly and marinated it is good value and versatile.

Feather/Blade steak

This is normally cross-cut from the shoulder or chuck. It has a distinctive quite strong flavour and when braised or casseroled at a low temperature for a long time, is very tender.

Short ribs

Are a popular cut of beef due to their versatility. Also known as Jacob’s Ladder or Thin ribs in the UK, they are usually meatier and larger than pork spare ribs. Short ribs come from the lower rib cage of the cow referred to as ‘plate’ or ‘short plate’. Braising is a popular method of cooking but barbecuing, steaming or pressure cooking can provide very good results. Due to short ribs being slightly tougher than premium cuts of meat, when grilling, they should be sliced thinly against the grain before serving.

Shin of beef

This cut is taken from the leg and usually has a bone intact. It can be taken from the forequarter or hindquarter of the animal.
The cheapest and most tasty cuts of meat are the shin or shoulder. Known as Stewing Steak they are the toughest and usually require longer cooking time, about two and a half hours depending on the recipe.

Calves liver

There is not a lot of difference between cow or calf liver, but some will say calf liver has a stronger flavour. They’re both packed with vitamins (mainly B12) and can be cooked in a variety of ways. Also good for making paté.


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