All Cowdery of Cookham burgers are handmade using only the freshest ingredients. They are all perfect for cooking under the grill or on the BBQ.


For grilling: for burgers that are about 2cm thick, cook under a medium-hot grill for 5-6 minutes on both sides.
On the BBQ: cooking times on BBQ’s can vary due to the charcoal, height of the grill from the coals plus the size and thickness of the burgers. Keep checking your meat, if possible use a meat thermometer to check internal temperatures. Charred doesn’t mean well done – even if meat is burnt on the outside, it might not be cooked inside. Cook burgers over a steady heat for about 6 minutes each side (bearing in mind all of the above) and always check they are cooked in the centre and are piping hot.

Serving suggestions

Serve in warm ciabatta buns with a handful of salad leaves, a couple of tomato slices and a tangle of onions, with a spoonful of your favourite relish and baked potato wedges on the side.